Terms of Use

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These guidelines are geared to make sure that we avoid problems and keep the forum on topic and trouble-free. Please take a moment to read through them carefully and thank you in advance for helping to keep the forum a friendly, interesting place for folks to be.

Show Courtesy and Respect to Other Forum Members

Every person in the forum deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect. Keep your posts on topic and avoid flames and profanities. We're all busy people and nobody wants to spend time wading through lots of purposeless shouting, bad language or personal attacks. We want to have a warm, friendly atmosphere in the forum so that folks are comfortable sharing information and having a good time talking with one another.
Messages that contain flames, profanity or personal attacks may be edited or removed from the forum and your access to the forum may be terminated. Or your messages may be routed to a moderation area and there could be a long delay before your messages are approved and appear live in the forum.

Proper Posting of Articles from Other Sites

If you want to share an article from another site in the forum, please just post the first two paragraphs and then a link back to the entire article. Please do not post the entire article in the forum.

Do Not Post Advertisements in the Forum

We intend to keep discussion threads free from messages containing ads. Messages with advertisements will be removed from the forum. You are welcome, however, to put a link to your own site in your signature file if you want.

Clearly Label the Subject Heading of Your Post

When you post a message, make sure the subject header indicates what the post is actually about. This will make it easier for other members to respond to your question or comment. Please avoid the use of expletives in subject headings, it makes the post and the forum look bad.

Keep Posted Links Relevant and Clean

Do not post links to adult sites, etc. Posts with those kinds of links will be removed from the forum and your access to the forum may be terminated. Posted links should be relevant to the thread they are posted in.

Keep Graphics Relevant and Clean

If you include a graphic in your message, please make sure it's relevant to your post. Unnecessary graphics just slow things down for everyone. Messages with adult graphics will be removed from the forum and your access may be terminated.

Keep Personal Information Private

Never post personal information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. If you do decide to disclose personal information to someone, always whisper it in a private message, never post it publicly in the forum. Messages containing personal information may be edited or removed from the forum.

Don't Post Messages in All Caps

This is the online equivalent of shouting and marks your post as either a newbie or someone who wants to be rude. Either way you're better off simply not doing it.