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Jack knows what his friend Jim is doing right now even if he is at the other end of the world - and he didn't even have to ask him! All he had to do was log on to his twitter account and find Jim's status message! Earlier, Jim could change his status message only at certain times. But now with Twitter , Jim can change his status anytime! Twitter, one of the widely used social networking sites, has several applications. A twitter application is also called twitter app. For those who are new to this amazing site, messages posted here are called Tweets. When Jim posts a message, Jack can subscribe to it. When he does so, he becomes Jim's follower. Similarly, several others who subscribe to the message are called followers. The main advantage of such a social networking site - is just what the name implies! This is a great platform for businesses to promote their products, services and build their brand. There are millions of people among whom will be present, your target group. By using this twitter app, you can easily do several tasks that will help you increase your twitter followers, get to know what other users are following and so on. Marketontwitr (MOT) is a great twitter app that assists the Twitter user in several ways. To benefit from the several excellent features of this twitter app, all you have to do is register - even for free- on the Marketontwitr (MOT) software. This software makes following twitter followers a piece of cake. One need not painstakingly spend time in following twitter followers manually. This software does it automatically for them. There are several other special features accompanying this. One of them is that you can time the tweets. Let us assume you would be away for a couple of days, but you want to send tweets on those particular days. With this twitter app, you can schedule your tweets by setting a particular date and time. The software system generates the tweets as per your setting and sends them accordingly! This way, even if you are away your Twitter account still remains active, sending tweets and following followers and what not! Marketontwitr (MOT) is also an exceptional twitter followers software already using by many of professional twitter followers to increase their web presence and other marketing needs, All you have to do is to set different parameters to gain your twitter followers by using this outstanding twitter app. Business is all about networking and making contacts for great business deals, and what better way than reaching them on a social networking site like Twitter? With its enhanced features and benefits, this twitter app comes to as a free 30 day trial too! There are hundreds of users who use this twitter app and are very happy with it. In addition to scheduled tweets, Marketontwitr(MOT) can also help you with keyword tracking, increasing twitter followers, saving drafts (thus saving time) and using them again when necessary and so on. So, what are you waiting for? Avail the benefits of this incredible Marketontwitr(MOT) to gain more twitter followers and expand your market right now!