Hair Extension

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We produce a large range of hair extensions and sell them here directly in our factory shop, theres no middle man so everything you see on sale here is at heavily discounted prices. We produce only real remy hair. You wont find synthetic hair here as it just doesnt match the quality of our 100% human hair. If your wanting instant fantastic looking celebrity style hair without any of the hard work then youve come to the right place. Our most popular product is our world renonwed clip in hair extensions. Wearing clip in hair extensions is easy! Simply lift your hair, put in the clip, snap it closed and you’re done. After putting them in afew times youll soon get used to them, before long youll be able to attach your hair extensions with your eyes closed!. Clip in's are by far the easiest method for fantastic instant hair and it comes without any commitments, simply take them out when you dont need them, take them out at out night and put them in again when your ready! We also supply pre bonded hair for salons or for those of you who knows how to use them (professional hair stylists recommended). Weaves for those of you who want to sow on your own clips. Finally our latest addition (coming soon) is our one piece hair extensions for the fastest instant look. Take time to look through our Hair Extension, if you have any questions just ask our live team for help, if we dont have what you need let us know and we can probably produce it for you in our factory!