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By Kenneth Scott

Almost 1.1 million children were homeschooled in 2005, according to the National Center For Education statistics, At one time, homeschooling was something radical, similar to a declaration of independence. Conservative Christians first advocated the idea of homeschooling in 1980s and had it legalized in every state.


By Fran Black

There are many possible problems that can occur in which having a supply of food on hand will allow for life to continue in a relatively normal manner. Such circumstances as a trucker's strike, famine, drought, or other natural catastrophes could prevent food from being readily available. By having your own supply of several months of food, such circumstances will not have as great of impact on you and your family. This article will address what to buy, how to store it and how to rotate it effectively.

Whole grains, rice and legumes are the most nutritious, easy long term storage items. However, the foods bought for storage should not only be used in emergencies. Whole grains incorporated into your daily diet will have health benefits as well as allow for your food to stay fresh. Using, or rotating your bulk foods is a method that will also be economical as foods bought in their whole form are less expensive. You will also save money preparing your own foods instead of buying things ready made or commercially processed.


By Timothy Samuel

Here's all you need to know about starting your first home vegetable garden. Regardless of where one lives, growing conditions are bound to be different from the conditions described in most Gardening books. To plan a successful Garden, ask some questions. Which vegetables grow well in this area? What soil types are common?

Are there unique conditions in the Garden to consider, for example, high winds, compacted soils, poor drainage and wet spots? Finally, what are the first and last frost dates and the growing season? Later as skills develop add more difficult Crops such as small fruits and perennial vegetables, and add more area to the Garden's size. When selecting plants of a first garden, keep in mind several suggestions. So before I even get started the garden is already divided into four equal quadrants that are easy to identify and keep separated.


By Josh Keen

If you've always dreamed of ditching your big-city life in favor of growing your own food in the back woods, get started now with container gardening! You would be surprised at how many plants can live happily on a balcony and in the house. Many varieties of fruit and vegetable can be grown in a small space.