Stories from reprint

by: Ann Cohen

Our kitchens are the center of activity so when we are composting our kitchen scraps we want our kitchens to be odor free from our composting pail or crock. Many families today are recycling thier kitchen scraps to create organic compost for thier gardens.

Having a kitchen compost pail or crock in your kitchen makes composting much easier and convenient. No daily trips to the compost pile in the cold, snow or rain. And most importantly, no odors in your home.
by: Michael Podlesny

I love the scene in the television show Seinfeld where character George Costanza, played by actor Jason Alexander, is talking to a female named Kelly, played by actress Tracy Kolis, about his love of the word manure. The funny line is, "when you consider the other choices, manure, is pretty refreshing." Of course Kelly cuts the date short as she finds talking about the subject pretty strange.

Had Kelly been a vegetable gardener she might have gone off on a tangent as to the wonderful benefits manure has for your home vegetable garden. I guess the "show about nothing" did not want to take that route.

Manure from the proper sources (I'll get to that in a moment) presents you with a great opportunity to add much needed nutrients back into the soil and with seasoned manure from these same sources, you can brew a wonderful elixir called manure tea. We'll cover manure tea sometime in the future.
by: Michael Podlesny

Cucumbers are the second most popular vegetable grown in a home vegetable garden according the United States Department of Agriculture. Who can argue? They are a great vegetable to eat and easy to grow. They have but one drawback. They require a lot of space if you just let them grow and vine out (indeterminate varieties of course).

You are in luck though. Cucumbers will grow wherever you direct them and if you are limited with horizontal space that means you can send them vertically. Here are four methods you can use to make sure you have plenty of room for all of your other vegetables.

Tomato Cage
by: Julie Jackson

Homeschooling, back in the day, meant that a parent had to literally become the child’s teacher and hold class (in their home) for the child to attend. This was time consuming for the parent, meaning that they were bound by the schooling and the time it takes to teach a subject to the child. Parents in today’s society are very busy and in most households, it takes both the parents to hold normal jobs just to make ends meet; which leaves no time to homeschool their child, or does it?
by: Mike Rodgers

Did you know bamboo is a woody grass? It definitely looks like a tree! Because bamboo grows as fast as grass, it renews itself every 3-5 years. Bamboo is grown naturally, without pesticides or chemicals, making it a totally organic, eco-friendly resource. Bamboo is a leader in helping to preserve our environment with sustainable earth friendly products.

by: Jonathan White

For many people, composting is just an alternative way of dealing with rubbish. It prevents the garbage bin from getting full and smelly. It’s also a way of disposing of grass clippings and leaves, which saves many trips to the garbage depot. Whilst these things are valid, they are not giving compost the full credibility it deserves. Compost can be very valuable when used in the right way.

by: Wendy Stenberg-Tendys

With many deaths recorded in Mexico, a new strain of swine flu virus is sweeping the globe. Several nations have suspect cases reported, from as far away as Hong Kong, Canada, Israel France and New Zealand.

Caused by type A influenza Swine flu, is a respiratory disease. Studies have shown that the swine flu, H1N1, is common throughout pig populations worldwide, with 25% of all animals displaying antibody evidence of having the disease. These are scary facts.