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This weekend my dad and I built a fence for my dog, Macy. [see 'Macy' below] It cost a couple hundred dollars and 2 days of work. We got 20 metal fence posts [see 'Post with Slide Hammer' below], but we only used 19 because in 1 corner we used the stair supports that were already there, and used fence staples (U-nails) to hold the fence there. We got two (2) 100 foot rolls of fence, and made the fenced in area 40 feet by 60 feet, giving Macy 2400 square feet to run in. The stairs go right down into the fenced in area of the yard, so we can just open the sliding glass door in the back and she can go in and out of her yard as much as she wants. To build the gate, we also got three 2 by 4’s, 8 feet long, and a 2 by 8, 8 feet long, a latch for the gate, 2 hinges, and a wire cross support to prevent sagging.